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1st winner writing published (antologi) by : Nulis Buku Club Palembang

1st give away winner Taman Baca Pesisir

1st winner Lomba Blog Prenagen #PPEJ2017PLM

3rd winner Lomba Blog HiJup & Resik V Godokan Sirih di Palembang

1 from 6 winner Lomba Blog HiJup & Softex Daun Sirih di Palembang

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Chemical Enginering Magazine Sriwijaya University : Exchanger (Editor in chief) (content writer) (contributor) (content researcher) (writer for Go Food by Gojek)

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Dancow Parenting Center | PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk | Zalora | | Traveloka | Wardah | | | HijUp | Alfamart | X2 Bio Softlens | Bukalapak | Mooimom|Goldmart|Sunlife financial | Future Ready| |

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My Office Coworking Space | Pindang Falih Palembang | Javan Steak Bandung | Kedai Harum Palembang |Toko Oleh-oleh A2 Belitung

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